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* Review building plans and specifications to determine the layout for plumbing and         related materials.
* Identify required tools and special equipment.
* Select the type and size of pipe required.
* Locate and mark positions for connections and fixtures.
* Install supports and hangers for pipe, fixtures and equipment.
* Assemble and install valves and fittings.
* Install, repair and maintain water treatment equipment, piping and controls.
* Install, repair and maintain underground storm sanitary and water piping.              systems.
* Install, repair and maintain sinks, tubs and toilets.
* Install, repair and maintain water heaters and conditioners.
* Install, repair and maintain plumbing fixtures, appliances and trim.
* Test pipe systems and fixtures for leaks. 

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Name: Duane Plumbing - Bloemfontein
Address: 2 A Champagne
Zip: 9301
City: Bloemfontein
Country: South Africa
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